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“Barclay Beauty World” has becoming a great professional leading manufacture of Embroidery Badges, Patches, Emblems, Insignias, Masonic Regalia, Family Crests, Coat of Arms, Banners, Pennant, Flags, Peaks & Visors, Sashes, Ladies Croix Collars, Rank insignias, Collars Tabs, Cuff titles and personal Identification marks in gold and silver bullion wires and silk threads. Dress cords, Lanyards, Swords Knots, Shoulder Boards, Tassels, Laces, Braids, Fringes, Uniform accessories. The items exclusively prepared according to customer’s own specification, Designs, Colors and sizes. Our factory is well equipped with high skilled stitches having prolonged experience in needle crafts Our products commonly used by Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Customs, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Railways Air Lines, Fire Fighting Departments, Sports clubs, Musical clubs, bowling clubs, Country clubs and many other Government Departments.
“Barclay Beauty World” also specialist in the manufacturing of leather gloves, working gloves, welding gloves, boxing gloves, winter gloves, motorbike gloves, cycling gloves, mechanics gloves, protective gloves, industrial gloves, safety gloves, speed balls, motorbike gloves ,grappling gloves, soccer kits, soccer balls, and all other sports goods & wears.
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